About Us

Welcome to the Sunnyside! A place to seek experiences through a sailing lifestyle. Where you live small to have big adventures. Face your fears, and embrace the challenges and rewards of living a life on the water.

We are Ross and Morgan Youngblood, crew on sailing vessel Sunnyside. In 2018 we quit our jobs in the Colorado Rockies in search of something new. A chance to get out of our comfort zone and lead a more fulfilling life on a sailboat.


We aim to inspire others by sharing insights, motivation, and thoughts to spark the adventurer in you. It’s a crazy journey learning to live on a boat, and we hope you’ll join us on the ride!

Are you exploring the idea of becoming a liveaboard cruiser? Looking for inspiration to live smaller and enjoy more experiences? We’d love to help.

The Decision to Live on a Boat

The story starts with an evening on the couch in snowy Colorado. That’s when Morgan stumbled across an article that would change our lives. An article about a couple living and traveling on their sailboat.

Don’t get us wrong. We had good jobs, great friends, and we worked in a beautiful ski town with a wonderful community. By all accounts, our life was pretty grand. But something was missing.

Not too long ago, we had been happily paper pushing our way to the next powder day. Then we looked up one day, and we had lost the motivation to enjoy the mountain activities we had sacrificed for.

We needed a change. Not of scenery, but of our lifestyle. Neither one of us were sailors, but this was our chance. A chance for a new perspective. To ditch the junk that was cluttering up our lives and point ourselves toward a goal that would help us grow. Something to challenge us as individuals and as partners.


So that was it. After three years, countless hours of planning, daydreaming, (and some minor freak outs), we set a date. We quit our jobs, downsized in a major way, and started this adventure.

What You Can Expect from the Sunnyside

On the Sunnyside, we’ll share weekly posts on living an alternative lifestyle on the water.

Here are a few things we’ll talk about:

  • the challenges we face with living a nomadic life on the water

  • how we live small (downsizing, cooking, personal struggles)

  • thoughts on our journey living more sustainable

  • destination reviews and tips

  • sailing and travel inspiration

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